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A quest for the perfect Taco begins

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A quest for the perfect Taco begins

Author Eiizabeth Witherspoon is a practical journalism student at Lane College in Franklin. 

The quest for the perfect taco has been done time and time again, and this time will be no different. A good taco is not hard to find, especially in Middle Tennessee. There are a plethora of restaurants that serve tacos, whether it’s ground beef, pork, steak, fish, shrimp, or even vegan.

This quest, however, is for the shredded beef taco. In this series, the mission will find the best shredded beef tacos in the Middle Tennessee area. 

Our first stop on this quest is a place with the most savory and truly meaty shredded beef tacos in the midstate:  Pancho’s Place in Franklin. With three separate locations across the Middle Tennessee area, this family style restaurant is the ultimate family night hangout. Pancho’s Place tacos are not just delicious and compacted with tons of meat, they are also piled high with fresh chopped lettuce and delightful queso shreds.

Tacos are always best with cola, (regular or diet, your preference), and if you are 21 or older and not driving, I suggest a margarita to complete the dining experience.

With an amazing and attentive staff and a traditional atmosphere, Pancho’s Place is a marvelous Mexican restaurant experience.

Pancho’s Place is located in  Watson Glen Shopping Center at 209 S Royal Oaks Blvd #176, Franklin. Delivery available.

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