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Jack of all trades, master of some

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Jack of all trades, master of some

Written by Buffy Witherspoon, a Practical Journalism student at Lane College

Usually, when the topic of being a jack of all trades comes up there is a phrase that follows right after which is ”and a master of none”. As someone who has been told that I have a jack of all trades mentality, I feel as if the term master of none does not apply to me.  In my case, master of some suits my lifestyle better and it helps define the type of person I am.

When I was sixteen I began my journey in the workforce as part of the wonderful world of retail. Through my retail experience, I began mastering the art of great customer service. Now, at this juncture of my life, I know I have mastered outstanding customer.

In 2013, I studied cosmetology at the Aveda Institute. Aveda is known for having an exceptional color theory and their understanding of how color works and how it is done. I believe it is second to none. Upon graduating, you realize that what you have learned in 12 months about hair color most hairstylists that have been in the business for 20 plus years will never gain the full understanding of the art of hair like you do.  Over the time period up until now, I have mastered hair color. Working as a hairstylist, I focused my salon career heavily on hair color and now that I have put so much time in I believe I know I have mastered it. I know as a stylist I am able to charge more than the typical hairstylist on highlights;  I am able to provide some of the best natural highlights you have ever seen.

However, the things we haven’t mastered can be some of the rarest and most interesting parts about us. I enjoy so many of the things I haven’t mastered yet. Among friends I love to discuss social issues, and things we should discuss as a society. I feel as if I am very well informed on these subjects.

I would, however, say that one of the most interesting things about me being a  jack of all trades is my knowledge of plumbing. Yes, as odd as it sounds, plumbing is fascinating to me. My journey into plumbing began when I was a student at TSU. In school fashion, our toilet was broken at the campus apartments; the maintenance man was taking entirely to long to come and fix it. Like most people in the world these days, I googled it and fixed the toilet myself. After that success, I became more curious about this plumbing thing: I started fixing toilets other friends’ apartments if they weren’t flushing, and unclogging sinks. It just grew into something I enjoy learning more and more about.

Who knows someday I may take some classes and become certified in it.

The important thing I would want someone to gain from reading this is that it is awesome to understand different things that aren’t quite typical for your personality. Now being a jack of all trades does have its setback; it is easy to get burned out. At this juncture of my life, I honestly hate doing hair sometimes — not all the time, but most of the time. But being a jack of all trades also gives me more than just knowledge on various subjects; it can grow my character, change and expand my thought process, and make me more adaptable in the long run.

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