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Yo Gotti controversial billboard for Shelby County Public Schools removed

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Yo Gotti controversial billboard for Shelby County Public Schools removed

SHELBY COUNTY: Shelby County Schools latest promotion featuring native Yo Gotti that says “Product of Public Schools” with their logo and the name of his former high school Trezevant High School. WMC5 Action News reported on Friday that the billboard was removed within 24 hours of its placement.

The billboard located on South Bellvue has been receiving mixed opinions from the locals questioning why the rapper is featured in this light.

One parent of an SCS student said on her Facebook page:

“So dropping my son off at school this morning I’m a tad bit confused by this billboard Shelby County Schools has Up. Someone please help me understand the intentions of this message.”

The post was shared more than 2,500 times generating over a thousand comments (and counting) with both good and bad reactions.

Another student’s parent said, “Anyone else would be better but not him. than him.”

Most of the controversy surrounding the Memphis rappers’ billboard is based on the content of his music which some feel are “explicit lyrics.” The owner of the property, James Williams, where the billboard rests begs to differ with the negative response, “I am not saying this guy is a perfect guy for the billboard, but he’s doing things,” he said.

Shelby County School issued a statement to WMC5 Action News:

“The billboard isn’t an endorsement of Yo Gotti or his lyrics, but we wanted a figure in the community that kids could recognize and relate to. Gotti has done a lot of good in the Frayser community in the past and supported schools in the area.”

Their campaign features several graduates Shelby County School graduates including DJ Devin Steel, Central High School graduate, and SCS Superintendent Dorsey Hopson, a Whitehaven High School graduate.

Check out the newscast on WMC5 Action News here.

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